Wonderful Marjan overlooking Split

Many of Split’s natural wonders are charming in its own way, but perhaps Marjan is the most beautiful park forest in whole Croatia. Located on the western side of Split peninsula, Marjan is a 178-meters tall hill overlooking the entire city, creating an unforgettable sight for all who are lucky enough to see it.


Some sights require quite an effort


Covered in Mediterranean pine forest, Marjan is as large as 340 hectares in total. Telegrin is the hill’s highest peak and could be of a great interest for tourists who have a passion for history, because there was a telegram station during the Napoleon era. Marjan was first mentioned in 1312, and shows the hill’s rich history even today – there’s 12 churches, an Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries; a Natural History Museum, the Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments and a Meteorological Observatory that wait for tourists to explore it at Marjan.

For animal lovers and those with younger kids, visiting the ZOO within the Natural History Museum can be quite amusing. Art lovers will also find something for them; Ivan Meštrović gallery is a museum that consists of works of sculpture, architecture, drawings and design by the homonymous author.


The Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments


Among the locals, Marjan is a well-known promenade for joggers and pedestrians. The route usually starts at Marjanska Vrata, from where you are able to climb to Telegrin or the ZOO. Several more paths can be taken as well, so get informed before taking on the adventure.

Of course, what would Dalmatia be without beaches. Marjan may just be one of the swimmers’ favourites, featuring „Ježinac“, „Zvončac“, „Na obojenu“, „Kašjuni“, „Na puntu od Marjana“ and „Bene“ beaches. Since we are already talking about recreation, we have to mention there are a dozen sports club at Marjan, including taekwondo, bowling and kendo.


Marjan beaches really do single out


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to participate in the natural and cultural life of Marjan, for you could just have an experience of a lifetime!