My fellow travellers, I see your curiosity of Croatia has led you this far. This moment is special, because it is that rare time in your life when your next decision could secure for you, an adventure of a lifetime. When I say that, I mean it: Croatia is a truly remarkable country, a jewel that offers rare glimpses of staggering beauty usually found in a dream. Don’t believe me? Allow me to describe what you should expect.

Picture yourself waking up feeling warm and rested. You step outside to the sight of seagulls gliding through Croatia’s deep blue sky. You look out to the Sea and witness a backdrop only seen in film, of not one, but dozens of islands, all of which are scattered throughout the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You make your way down the hill to your yacht. Trees shade you as you make your way down the steps to the rocky pebbled beach. After breakfast, your Captain decides it is time to set sail to yet another gorgeous location. Which location? Well it is completely up to you. There is nothing as exhilarating or liberating as travelling as the designer of your own trip. If you are beginning to think about visiting Croatia, you must figure out exactly where to go.




Croatia can be broken up into a multitude of areas. Let us begin with the capital city of Zagreb, a beautiful bustling city of Austro-Hungarian influence that is very well known for its bars, nightclubs and pubs, especially the pub crawls. Throughout our travels, our team need no excuse to escape back to Zagreb, for business, or for all the fun Zagreb offers. We have noticed that many tourists make their way directly to the coast without experiencing this beautiful city. We recommend you take time to check this place out.

From the awesome Tkalciceva café/bar strip, the museums, churches and monuments, Zagreb will surely entertain and satisfy whilst simultaneously providing an opportunity to see the other side of Croatia; an opportunity which should be taken if possible.


Plitvice Lakes


Where to go to in Croatia next? The answer would be the famous Plitvice Lakes. It makes the most sense for this remarkable place to be a stop-over on your way to the Coast. Due to the combination of minerals and sunlight, these sixteen lakes, some extremely deep, are known for their instant change of colour.



Also, Plitvice is a habitat for wildlife from wolves, bears, deer and one of the largest number of birds that inhabit this beautiful landscape. How many generations will be able to experience such a beautiful and bustling natural environment? Our team highly recommends taking the chance to visit Plitvice as well.



Where to go in Croatia next? Istria. The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, this gorgeous region inhabits Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Originally conquered by the Romans during 177-178 BCE and then by Venice, Napoleon, Austria and Italy this beautiful region didn’t see independence until 1991 and contains many cultural influences that all travellers will appreciate. With world-renowned truffles, cheese, oil and wine this beautiful peninsula will satisfy with its gastronomic delights. It is famous too for festivals; from Outlook to film festivals, Istria has got you covered.


Dalmatian Coast

With over 3,600 miles of coast line; the Dalmatian coast is world famous for its beaches, cafes, bars and festivals. We highly recommend checking out the major coastal city of Split, and making your way down the coast towards Dubrovnik. There are many stops along the trip, and each one will provide memories you will treasure for the rest of your life. Let’s call it a home away from home.



And after all of this, if you are still questioning where to go in Croatia, then please, let’s jump on a boat or a yacht, and enjoy some island hopping (Possibly link the island hopping article here) to over 580 islands and islets along the entire coast line, many of which have their own unique culture, style, bars & clubs. Not to forget, yet another chance to party through until dawn.

So, with this brief overview of our amazing country, the team at Partycroatia hope to clarify with you exactly where you want to go.  Remember, life is short and travel opportunities don’t come around often, so our main recommendation would be to see EVERY SINGLE PLACE listed. And if you happen to be near Split, our team is more than happy to accommodate your queries or questions; and if we find the time possibly a beer as well. Partycroatia out.