There are thousands of reasons to visit Croatia, where do I start?


Croatia is the authentic Mediterranean!  Pristine! Natural! Full of history, culture and life. At Partycroatia we want to provide an authentic experience sharing with you what we know about this beautiful country.

My first trip to Croatia was as a youngster in 1998.   The coast was calm and majestic, rarely a tourist to be found.  From that day, I was inspired to share my experience of the jewels of the Adriatic with whoever was willing to listen.

During one of my trips to the island of Cres I was lead to Roman baths and villages that dated back to the Celts.  The Celts?  Wow! 400 BCE.  I had no idea that Croatia had such a rich and long history.

I visited coves, grottos and sanctuaries and learnt that the White-headed Griffin spends five years flying from the northern islands of Adriatic to journey through Africa and then return to mate and rear the next generation.  Why had I never heard these things before?   We spoke with professors charged with protecting this sacred space for nature’s rare scavenger birds of prey.

The caves in Istra presented amphibians that live to 100 years of age like the olm, a white blind salamander. I saw bears, deer, kuna and wolves in the forests of Lika.



We meandered through pathways constructed to protect one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to mankind-the turquoise blue cascading waterfalls and lakes of Plitvice.

I visited churches dating back to 400CE in Porec showing intricate mosaics and carved stone structures.  The beauty of medieval cities like Motovun, Rovinj, Pula and hundreds more gave me insights to the lifestyle and experiences of the Renaissance people and beyond.

My journey to Split I visited the UNESCO protected 2000-year-old Diocletian Palace which saw me wandering and weaving through its amazing structure, enjoying a gelato all the while. This beautiful site was there to touch, to sit on; none of it was hidden behind glass walls. It was all mine to experience. I breathed in the comfort of the cool air on a hot summer’s day and listened to the sounds of this historic, majestic building; breathed in its scent and wished the stones and walls could share the stories of its past. My imagination buzzed with sensations of what it could tell me.



Croatians are welcoming, inclusive and friendly; a tolerant people full of dignity and presence. They shared their homeland with us, nothing was withheld. They welcomed me to share their organic fresh foods, natural landscapes; their festivals, their parties, their life.

Let’s begin with the festas! (pronounced feshta) Wow! Most villages along the coastline and the thousand plus islands hold a party each summer. They fish, bake and come together to drink, laugh, sing and dance and all are welcome! Festas can last for three days in some villages. Your heart and mind will be filled with music and the aroma of the parties!

The Sea has not yet been mentioned but let me tell you, it is mesmerising and enchanting.    From lively cruises, full of party adventures to times of quiet meditation, taking in the sounds of nature; this is the Croatia Partycroatia wants to share with you. Sail through the breathtaking scenic islands and Archipelagos for fun, sport and relaxation.

Partycroatia is here to assist when you decide to embark on your adventure.   We invite you to come visit, breathe, see and experience Croatia!