Adventure Croatia

We understand that Festivals, Boat Parties and a Villa on the Beach isn’t enough for some to have the perfect Croatian experience! At Partycroatia we are able to provide you with multiple activities that can really spice up your trip and ensure that there is never a dull moment!


If you want to visit the surrounding islands, or just have some seriously good fun with a group of friends, we recommend renting out Jet Skis for the day. This adrenalin filled activity seems to be a favourite amongst our customers, and a great way to fill up a spare day if you are really wanting to make the most of your holiday.

Jet Ski Rentals are very pain free as well, and by deciding to book this activity through us we will ensure there will be no complicated forms to fill out, no deposit to be left with a strange operator or any fear of any scams. You have the freedom to roam where you choose as long as they are returned within the allotted time that you have agreed to rent them out for.

All of our Jet Skis have been approved and are constantly checked for any faults and issues to ensure that you are safe and have a pain free experience.

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Best Seasons:Jan - December
Popular Location:Croatia


Stand Up Paddling Blue Lake

7-8 hours

Stand up paddling offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water.   Enjoy this activity on one of the most beautiful karst lakes in Croatia. After paddling we are taking you to see one of the deepest karst lakes ...

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Split Sailing Adventure

5 hours

Swim and snorkel with your friends and family, discover the best of middle Dalmatia with Split Adventure on a sailing trip to Brač and Šolta islands. You, your family and friends are our special guests on this ...

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Rock climbing – Split

With instructors’ guidance and advices, you too can enjoy the best views of islands and beaches on Marijan hill. Explore old hermitages, sun gaze above the sea or just fill your lungs with fresh air! Tour is ...

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Full day – Canyoning and Tubing

Enjoy your holiday and start our full day program of canyoning and river tubing in magnificent gorge of Cetina river! We start this adventure with transfer from your location to our canyoning base in Zadvarje ...

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Biking in Split

2.45- 3 hours

Given the many opportunities and scenery the city- Split has to offer, is why we have chosen this destination for your fun biking journey. Tour is long 15-20 km. Age requirement- Minimum age of eight years. ...

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Biking Dalmatian Inland

3-4 hours

Our biking tour in Cetina region will show you stone fields, villages and stone houses. A memorable experience for all true nature and sport lovers and a great opportunity to explore a world of sparkling waterfalls ...

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