If there is an experience that everyone should tick off their bucket list, the fun and thrilling adventure of Island hopping is it.  Where else to go island hopping than the 1185 cluster of Croatian islands?   The variety is endless and the natural landscape of these exclusive Archipelagos are awe inspiring; sailing the Adriatic Sea will leave you wanting more.  Our staff at Partycroatia, with their first-hand experience, would love to share an exciting journey with you.  With 1185 islands, you’re probably wondering where to start. Not to worry! Partycroatia has you covered.




When we think of Hvar, three words come to mind; partying, swimming and indulgence. Not only is there an abundance of natural and organic foods, you can swim in the turquoise water that surround your boat, visit the vineyards; and of course, as it is best known as a ‘party destination’, you will not be left disappointed by Hvar!




Mljet is known for its national parks. With lush green landscape and dense Mediterranean forest, its value is seen in beautiful, untouched surrounds. With its volcanic origin and numerous chasms and gorges Mljet has earned the title of most scenic and forested island of Croatia, which sets it apart as a unique destination. Mljet is a place you will not want to miss; an island with its own character and charm.






The island of Korcula is famously known as the birth place of Marco Polo.  With scenic villages, vineyards and historic medieval towers, Korcula is the perfect island to relax and enjoy the richness of a by gone era, walking through time along cobbled stone streets.

Enjoy delicious authentic cuisine with a midnight dinner in the medieval buildings/restaurants and even a midnight dip in the pristine waters. And for the boating enthusiast, with its famous regattas, Korcula is a must-see destination!




As the largest island in Croatia and third largest in the Adriatic, Brac is full of activity and excitement. There are so many places to anchor a boat or yacht, you must seriously consider Pucisca or Bol on your tour of Brac. Hands down, Pucisca is one of the best places to visit on the island. Meandering bike paths cut through both the beautiful natural landscape and historic streets.  Famous for its stone masonry, Puciscan stone can be found adorning the White House. The island of Brac is also famous for olive groves with its exquisite olive oil, famous vineyards and of course – the vino!!!

Wine from this island feature more in fine restaurants around the world, as Brac is becoming renowned for its quality wine production.


If it is a swim you are craving, the beautiful and most popular bay ‘Luke’ on the Island of Brac is a must. ‘Luke’ is located a few miles from Pucisca and worth the visit just to experience the beautiful waters and pebble beaches. Enjoy an opportunity to gaze at the many yachts whether shimmering in the daylight sun or illuminated by moonlight; experience the glorious ambience and watch the sunset with a glass of the island’s best.




Bol is well known as the true tourist attraction for its iconic beach ‘Zlatni Rat’. The crystal turquoise waters and pebble beaches offer a stunning view and are appreciated by travellers who continue to return.  The Dominican church in the town centre is home to paintings by ‘Tripo Kokolja’ and justifies Bol as the place that lures the art enthusiast.

With harbour-side bars and restaurants, the island of Brac offers such variety; a place with which many fall in love.  There are many more reasons to visit Brac, and we leave you to explore further the atmosphere and ambience of this wonderful destination.


These four stunning islands only offer a glimpse, of the beauty on offer in Croatia.

Take on the adventure of island hopping for an experience of a lifetime! Abandon your nine to five job and routine to explore and embrace the adventure. Listen to the little voice telling you one day you will travel, and do it now!  Get started ticking off that bucket list!


Life is to be lived and Croatia offers is a great place to start. At Partycroatia, we whole-heartedly believe this and have compiled a range of package deals to suits everyone. Partycroatia has you covered and we are excited to be a part of your adventure.

Jump on board and let’s get started!