Here’s why you should visit the heart of Dalmatia


There is no place in Croatia with such a relaxed mentality, beautiful sights and numerous festivals. Split is the second largest city of this wonderful country, a center of cultural history and great nightlife at the same time. Let’s look at some of the places everyone who find themselves in Split should visit.

City of Split


Featuring UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list since 1979, Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient monument dating back to the 4th century, when Roman emperor Diocletian settled in his newly-built home. The Palace became a filming location in the last couple of years, for the HBO series Game of Thrones, making it the exact reason why the series lovers opt for a holiday in Split. The entrance is free for all visitors.

Riva is the perfect place for people who want to try out sports, enjoy diverse events or just have a walk around, for the main promenade was renovated recently. During the summer months, it’s best to sit down on a nearby terrace and have a cup of coffee, overlooking the sea. Bačvice, the best place for people who enjoy nightlife and parties, is just a mile away from Riva.

Getting back to historic monuments, the Cathedral of St. Duje singles out for the height and rich history. This too was constructed during the Diocletian era, making it the oldest cathedral in the world! It stretches to a height of 87 meters, the cathedral offers an amazing view for anyone who is brave enough to climb it.


Cathedral of St. Duje (straight) and Diocletian’s Palace (right)


There’s one more place you should visit while on holiday in Split. The city is nothing without football, and their club, Hajduk, is nothing without Poljud, its stadium. Hajduk has got the largest supporters group in Croatia – Torcida – despite their club almost shutting down a couple of years ago. Ultra Europe is also held on Poljud ground, making it the cities’ biggest financial tourism source.


Ultra takes places on Poljud in mid-July


That’s about it for our holiday in Split. A short conclusion: Split is worth visiting any time of the year and those who do so will not regret it!