About Us

For 11+ years, our team has been living, partying, and travelling to Croatia. As an Internationally-based company we have high standards of what we expect when travelling a great distance to Europe. We understand that travellers want the ‘real-deal’, an authentic cultural experience filled with freedom and adventure. Those reasons are the motivation behind our team’s continuous effort to provide you with the best Boat Parties, Tours and Accommodation! We genuinely wanted to craft the perfect holidays for solo or group-travelers at an affordable price – so we built Partycroatia to merge everything you could ever want into one trip!

Can you envision yourself soaking up the gorgeous Croatian sun?
Would you love to cruise slowly from island to island without a care in the world?
Can you picture yourself indulging in some authentic Croatian cuisine?
Or enjoying Croatia’s wide range of festivals?

If so then we’ve definitely got you covered!
Just tell us your ideal type entertainment: whether it be partying, fast-pace adventures, cultural indulgence, or pure relaxation. Get ready to have the time of your life!

The Team


A Croatian who spent his formative years growing up in Melbourne. Antonio provides Partycroatia with a level of knowledge of the region that few possess. An invaluable asset, he is known as an extremely friendly individual who understand business and can get the job done.


Growing up, I was extremely lucky to spend my life in both Croatia and Australia. This journey provided me with the necessary understanding and insight into both cultures. When I see people begin to connect with one another on our tours I feel filled with pride. That is why every single traveler who comes through Partycroatia instantly becomes part of the family.


A seasoned traveller, originating from Melbourne, Australia. “I have spent the last three years of my life abroad. Travelling through Asia and Europe, and now working out of the UK with Partycroatia. To me, Croatia is a unique destination that cannot be rivaled in terms of the nightlife and the party scene it has to offer. Croatia is really a hidden gem in the mediterranean which we at Partycroatia want to share with the world!


Growing up, I spent every single Summer in Croatia helping my grandparents run their Hotel. Today I am currently completing my education in Economics and Finance at University in Australia. Continuing the journey in the tourist industry felt like a natural transition, and with these three brilliant partners, Partycroatia has unlimited possibilities and an exciting future which I am thrilled to have ventured into and to be a part of.